A Kick-Ass Guide to Apparel eCommerce

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Whether you’re in the beginning phases of building your apparel empire or have been in business for years, the linchpin to your success is your ability to sell online.

In 2011, we published Launch a Kick-Ass T-Shirt Brand, a book covering the basics of  developing the concept of your clothing brand, getting your products made and managing your business. We touched on the subject of setting up shop online, but spared some nitty gritty details.

A Kick-Ass Guide to Apparel eCommerce will quench your thirst for ecommerce specific advice by detailing best practices, offering anecdotal recommendations and providing data-backed tips. After reading this 60+ page guide, you’ll part with a deeper understanding of how to build your brand and kick some ass online.

This book is for you if:

  • You've developed an amazing clothing line but are not sure where to start when it comes to selling online
  • Don’t know which online store solution is right for you
  • Have no clue how to get your website designed
  • Have done all the right things with your website, but it still doesn’t look and feel professional
  • Have been getting visitors to your online shop, but still struggling to make sales

What's in the Book:

Getting started
  • The common mistake that leads to customers questioning your legitimacy
  • The ways to approach web hosting
How to choose an ecommerce platform
  • How much to spend
  • Factors to choosing a platform
  • Our recommendations
Keys to an effective online shop
  • How to make your site easy to navigate
  • The importance of photography
  • Why you need a clear call to action
  • Why page speed is a crucial metric
    Necessities for your online shop
    • Why consistency is key
    • What type of product photos to display
    • The number 1 reason for high return rates
    • The role of customer support pages
    Designing your shop
    • How to choose the right theme for your shop
    • The difference between free and paid themes
      Your first sale and beyond
      • Steps to a pain-free product delivery process
      • The mistake that leads to a 23% cart abandonment rate
      • One minor (but really important) setting to double check before you launch

      About the Authors

      Through studying and blogging about the t-shirt culture and interviewing dozens of entrepreneurs via T-Shirt Magazine, building a streetwear brand from scratch via Cashletes, and developing ecommerce templates for clothing brands via Theme Fiend, AJ Camara and Moust Camara have gained a wealth of knowledge specifically pertaining to the fashion apparel business.